Satview Broadband Residential General Terms and Conditions of Service In addition to these Residential General Terms and Conditions of Service (“General Terms”), You, individually, and on behalf of household members and guests, and any other person who uses the Services (collectively “You” or “Subscriber”) ), agree to be bound by the terms of service applicable to the residential Satview service to which You subscribe. 1. Charges and Billing: a) Subscriber agrees to pay all charges associated with the Service(s), including, but not limited to, charges for installation, service calls, live-agent customer assistance, monthly subscription service and Equipment. b) Rates: All rates are subject to change in accordance with applicable law. c) Late Fee: If Subscriber’s account is past due, and payment has not been received by the due date on the billing statement, Subscriber may be charged an applicable late fee in addition to Subscriber’s past due balance at Satview’s then current rate. If Subscriber’s account thereafter remains unpaid, Subscriber’s Services may be suspended or disconnected. Subscriber can avoid incurring latefees by paying Subscriber’s monthly bill by the due date on the billing statement. Any late fees assessed are not considered interest creditservice charges, finance charges or penalties. 2. Electronic Payment Terms: a) One Time Pay Authorization: By electing the One Time Pay service, you authorize Satview to charge/debit the bank account, debit or credit card that you designated (“Payment Method”) to make a one-time payment in the amount requested by You.b) Auto Pay Authorization: By enrolling in the Auto Pay Service,

Subscriber authorizes Satview to charge/debit electronically your Payment Method each month to pay the balance due on Subscriber’s account on the due date shown on your monthly bill statement. Satview will continue to charge/debit your Payment Method each month unless you cancel your authorization at least three (3) business days before the next scheduled payment date.3. Satview Property: a) All Satview-provided equipment distributed to and/or installed for use in the Subscriber’s service location(s) by or onbehalf of Satview (“Equipment”) remains the property of Satview.

Equipment and Wiring installed at the Subscriber’s Service location are intended to remain at the specific Service location and must not be used or relocated off such premises. Subscriber must return all Equipment upon substitution of use or termination of Service. Failure to do so will result in a charge to be determined in accordance with Satview’s then current schedule of charges for non-returned Equipment, which amount shall be due immediately. Subscriber agrees to pay such charge whether the Equipment is lost (through theft or otherwise), damaged or destroyed.4. Disruption of Service: a) All Services are provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. In no event shall Satview be liable for any failure or interruption of Service, including without limitation those failures and interruptions resulting in part or entirely from circumstances beyondSatview’s reasonable control. Subject to applicable law, Satview may give credit with respect to Subscriber’s recurring monthly subscription fee for qualifying outages of Services.5. Care of Satview Property and Service: a) Subscriber agrees that neither Subscriber nor any other person (except Satview’s authorized personnel) will: (A) open, tamper with, service, or make any alterations to the Equipment or Wiring; nor (B) remove or relocate any Equipment or Wiring from the service address of initial installation.

Any alteration, tampering, removal, or the use of Equipment or Wiring which permits the receipt of Services without authorization or the receipt of Services to an unauthorized number of outlets, or to unauthorized locations,constitutes theft of Service and is prohibited. Notwithstanding the foregoing, upon receipt of a request by Subscriber, Satview shall relocate the Equipment for Subscriber within Subscriber’s home at a time mutually agreed to by Satview and Subscriber. Subscriber may incur a charge for such relocation and should consult a current Satview schedule of rates and charges prior to requesting such relocation. If the Subscriber moves residences outside of Satview’s service area, Subscriber shall notify Satview that these General Terms shall be terminated.6. Secure Connection Requirements: a) Without abrogating or otherwise limiting Subscriber’s separate obligations to secure Subscriber’s account and equipment under the Terms of Service, Satview shall have the right to implement reasonable measures necessary to track,manage, and/or ensure the security of its network facilities, Internet signals Spectrum transmits or receives, and the connection between any device or application used by Subscriber, members of Subscriber’s household, Subscriber’s guests, or any third parties and Satview’s Equipment,system, or other network facilities (whether by physical, WiFi, wireless, software, or other means of connection), including without limitation authentication, access security, or other processes and means.Without limiting any other rights Satview may have under the Terms of Service, Satview shall have the right to suspend, freeze, or otherwise cease Service or network access in the event and to the extent necessary to address any network or security concern that may arise with regard to activity on or through, conditions arising from or caused by the use, availability of, or access enabled at or through Subscriber’s Service, Service location, equipment, or account.